The grass is always greener on the GreenBlade side!

Celebrating 30 Years In Lawn Care Services

Most home owners want a green lawn but don't know which new organic weed control and lawn fertilizer products to use for the best results.

Let us do your lawn maintenance – all you do is water and cut the grass correctly. Our lawn care services focus on green lawn care, weed control, grass fertilization, grass grub control, lawn care tips and year round lawn treatment.

Most new clients call us with lawns infested with weeds. It may take a full year to fill in bare areas and for all the weed seeds to germinate so that we can apply weed control products.

However, our clients soon enjoy a vibrant weed-free green lawn. Testimonials

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is a wonderful time to bring your garden and lawn back to life. Are you concerned about the colour of your grass? Are you looking for some ideas on how to help your grass flourish during spring? Here are some tips from Green Blade Lawn Care.

Often in the spring, grass is brown and matted and lifeless after...
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Brown Grass Can be Green Again with Dethatching

The snow is melting and you can see your grass again.  Your neighbours grass is green and lush while yours is multiple shades of brown.  Don’t worry your grass can be bright green again. Here are some tips from Green Blade Lawn Care.

As your lawn grows it can accumulate a thick layer of thatch on...
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